Great Results from skin removed by Dr. Jan Zemplenski!

34 AA to 34C/D and over 7lbs of extra skin removed by Dr. Zemplenski at belred cosmetic surgery center. I had given myself to my kids and popped three out in 18 month increments. Left with diastas so bad I couldn’t even do a sit up on my own. Recovery time was not as bad as expected but I am a no nonsense kinda gal. I read others were moving barley by 9 days and I saw that as a challenge. House work and cooking meals 6 days after full surgery. In hindsight I should have kept my nusy bee butt in bed. I feel great but get exhausted easily still. I am two weeks out 4 weeks to go for final results!! I’ve been replacing my tape biweekly and the sutures are almost gone. If your thinking about doing this, do it. Get the you you feel like you are to be reflected on the outside. The least sexy parrot recovery is the granny support SO giggles at me when I slip into the 90 yards of fabric they are made of ­čÖé

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