Eliminated the Most Difficult Scars – Bellevue, WA

I received scarring 3 years ago at a local clinic when the practioner used a yag laser to relax an angry, protruding vein. It left scarring so deep the holes were nearly to the bone when it first happened (the first time he did it a couple yrs previous it turned out fine, no issues). Fast forward from what the scars looked like in the pic below until now. The $7,000 approximate cost was what i spent over the course of the last 12-15 months or so with Dr. Zemplenyi, which covered a vast array of treatments- 3 subsicions, 3 co2 laser spot treatments, 2 vials of artefil and then silica1000 when the last bit more of permanent filler was needed. We also did 2 treatments with microneedling and prp for the whole face which had not only a remarkable effect on the remaining traces of scarring, but my skin has never looked better. I intend to maintain that particular treatment about once every 6 months, i like the results that much (i realize the effects of prp only last about 12-18 months but it is SO worth it in my humble opinion!) I should mention here that the micropen that Dr. Z uses has addressed the common issue that derma pens tend to create of micro-tearing the skin; their pen is designed to prevent this. Dr. Z really does his homework! Also, at some point during the year, the vein in middle of my forehead became too prominent again, he was able to cauterize and do some innovative things with a laser that another doctor who i told said was a ‘genius’ solution, one she wouldn’t have thought of. Dr. Z also did something that i love, he used just a touch of keno log on forehead next to the lowest scar which seemed to still catch the eye (even though its perfectly filled)..the result was a cute, very slight dimple or indentation which i like every bit as much as when it was perfectly smooth, except that now it obscures the scar. Dr. Zemplenyi is a straight up artist as far as I’m concerned. Not to mention his rates are super reasonable comparatively speaking (he charged $350 for 1 subsicion, a doctor down the street from him charges $2,150), he has an excellent bedside manner, listens well, explains well, goes over all possible options and is first and foremost concerned with the patients comfort during treatment and their satisfaction afterwards. I can’t recommend Dr. Zemplenyi more highly and he has worked miracles for me. This was after consulting with 21 doctors and doing over 100 hours of research online. Things were looking and sounding very grim, expensive, and controversial until I found Dr. Z.

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